Coordinator: Cultural Coordinator

18 Algonquin Ave.
Timiskaming First Nation
Notre-Dame-du-Nord (Quebec)
J0Z 3B0

Tel: (819) 723-2255
Fax: (819) 723-2272


The mission of the cultural sector is to safeguard, transmit and develop the culture, arts and heritage of the Algonquin Nation from a community perspective and influence.


The overall objective of the Culture Sector is to strengthen the role of culture with TFN members on an individual and collective bases. Through its activities, the culture sector will also promote the links between the TFN and other nations.

The main areas of interest of the Culture sector are:

-Algonquin Culture, Heritage and Language
-Tangible Heritage (artifacts, buildings, historical documents, archaeological finds);
-Living Heritage (crafts, skills, traditional arts, cosmology and memory);
-Contemporary Aboriginal Arts (performing arts, visual arts, literature, etc..).

The four areas of intervention:

-Affirm the cultural identity of the TFN
-Encourage the expression of the Algonquin culture;
-Increasing access to the TFN (Algonquin) culture;
-Provide support to members and cultural organizations.