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Economic Development
Timiskaming First Nation
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Economic Development

In the actual economic context, a tendency toward more human organization can be felt. A First Nation Community has huge advantages to go in the direction of social, equal, human and durable development. A combination of the economic and social aspects will bring the community to create common wealth. The creation of profitable businesses whose benefits are redistributed in the community is a tool to the autonomy of aboriginal people

Timiskaming First Nation Community Economic Development Program’s role, in accordance with the administration’s principles of respect, dignity, equality and openness, is to support private entrepreneurs in the creation and expansion of their business with the help of professional resources. CEDP also works to create profitable community owned businesses. Globally, the objective is improved quality of life for the members through the creation of sustainable jobs in Timiskaming First Nation.

Economic Development is an integral part of the community’s growth through leading profitable projects and supported local entrepreneurship. The developments that are made are durable and sustainable.

Timiskaming First Nation’s Community Economic Development Program guides itself on principles of betterment of quality of life, determination and sustainability for future generations. It also values cultural identity and partnership opportunities in project development.

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