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Timiskaming First Nation
24 Algonquin Ave.
Timiskaming First Nation
Notre-Dame-du-Nord (Québec)
J0Z 3B0

The Timiskaming First Nation is proud to offer Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 at the community school, known as Kiwetin Kikinamading. Our school has been the gem of the community for nearly 25 years. For more information about Kiwetin, click their web site.

Once students finish at Kiwetin, English high school education (from grade 9 and up) occurs at Timiskaming District Secondary School (TDSS) in New Liskeard, Ontario, because this is the nearest English high school to the community.

Members who live off reserve in the province of Quebec must register with the Western Quebec School Board (WQSB) so their child can attend Kiwetin. This is only for families who do not live on the reserve. You must contact Sabrina Crawford-Duval 1-800-363-9111. For Timiskaming District Secondary School (TDSS), parents should go directly to TDSS to register. It is best to start the procedure no later than the beginning of May if you can. That way, all documents will be received and processed at the WQSB so your child can begin school on time. Otherwise, your child may have to wait until until WQSB agrees to allow your child to be educated in English, due to law 101. Registration forms only need to be completed once with the WQSB; no other forms will be required in the future. The TFN education department offers it services to help you complete these forms. Either contact the Kiwetin school (819) 723-2533 or the Education Director at the Band Office at (819) 723-2335. Your child's birth certificate will be necessary.

Parents who wish to send their child to the French Education must register their child in person in the school in the nearby town of Notre-Dame-du-Nord.
Elementary level: École St. Joseph.
High School: École Rivière-des-Quinze (R.D.Q).

The Post-Secondary Student Support Program is sponsored by AANDC and is administered by the TFN Education Department to serve the TFN members. All applications for financial assistance are processed through the Post-Secondary Education Support Service Administrator. To obtain  the Post-Secondary policy and procedure guide,  please look here.  For the application form or to receive more information, please get in contact with Allan McLaren by either calling him (819) 723-2335 or e-mail .  We suggest that you follow-up with a confirmation of received e-mail afterwards.  

TIMISKAMING IS A PROUD MEMBER OF THE FIRST NATION EDUCATION COUNCIL. On their website, a lot of information about education is available. Thanks to them, the first bilingual college for the native population has emerged in the province of Quebec. Please take the time to visit their site: Much valued information is available here.

The Timiskaming First Nation Education Advisory Committee is comprised of parents of students from different schools funded by TFN and by members who work in the community in areas that pertain to the development of children, youth and adults.