Timiskaming Band

Administration/Council Office

General Director
Arden McBride
Phone: (819)723-2335 ext226
Fax: (819)723-2353
Email: general.director@atfn.ca
Chief of Police
Floyd McBride
Phone: (819)723-2810
Fax: (819)723-2734

Director of Finance
Angela Polson
Phone: (819)723-2335 ext227
Fax: (819)723-2353
Email: angela.polson@atfn.ca

Director of Economic Development
Cherie Stanger
Email: cherie.stanger@atfn.ca
Director of Public Works
Elissa Marcil
Phone: (819)723-2335 ext231
Fax: (819)723-2353
Director of Education
Arline Chasle
Phone: (819)723-2335 ext241
Fax: (819)723-2353
Email: arline.chasle@atfn.ca
Council Secretary
Rose Thomas
Phone: (819)723-2370
Fax: (819)723-2799
Email: tfncouncil@parolink.net
Hydro Québec Liaison
Diane King
Phone (819) 723-2335 ext 222
Fax : (819) 723-2353
Email : diane.king@atfn.ca
Computer Technician
Audra Chief
Phone: (819)723-2335 ext224
Fax: (819)723-2353
Email: audra.chief@atfn.ca
Education Assistant
Laurette Renaud
Phone: (819)723-2335 ext251
Fax: (819)723-2353
Email: laurette.renaud@atfn.ca
Payroll Clerk
Robin Chevrier
Phone: (819)723-2335 ext236
Fax: (819)723-2353
Email: robin.chevrier@atfn.ca
Housing Manager
Darlene Chevrier
Phone: (819)723-2335 ext223
Fax: (819)723-2353
Email: darlene.chevrier@atfn.ca
Allan McLaren
Phone: (819)723-2335ext 225
Fax: (819)723-2353
Email: allan.mclaren@atfn.ca
Human Resources
Nancy McBride
Phone: (819)723-2335 ext 221
Fax: (819)723-2353
Email: nancy.mcbride@atfn.ca
Income Security
Hillary McBride (Replacement)
Phone: (819)723-2335ext 233
Fax: (819)723-2353
Email: hillary.mcbride@atfn.ca
Education Liason Counsellor
Audrey Mclaren
Phone: (819)723-2335 ext234
Fax: (819)723-2353
Email: audrey.mclaren@atfn.ca
Land & Membership
Roselyn Tebiscon
Phone: (819)723-2335ext 239
Fax: (819)723-2353
Email: membership@atfn.ca

Radio Station Manager
Robert Millette
Phone: (819)723-2121
Fax: (819)723-2167
Email: chnt.manager@atfn.ca